When I first started making cards, I chose to design them gender-neutral, timeless, ageless and completely blank because I don't enjoy waste. Greeting cards are typically a throwaway item, and hence, I am hoping that my design choice will give them an extra life.

My paper choice was very deliberate, 245 gsm 100% cotton paper so that they feel like  my prints and ultimately, a bit like the original watercolour painting. 

I also made the decision to chose A6 versus any other size, as it saves in postage, packaging, they fit through all letterboxes and it is a fairly common size for picture frames.

Whether you receive them or keep them, you can write a message on the inside or a memory, and once you are done with it, pop it in an forever in your walls.

Throughout the years, when attempting to put together a gallery wall, I have experimented with different framing and mounting options. 

A6 and similar-sized frames are very inexpensive, starting from 1-2 pounds, and can be easily found in basic colours such as black, white, gold and silver but also wood, which is perfect to customise with any leftover paint sample plot.

Here some ideas;

Simple frame

Gold frame on black shelf with red wall.


Oversized mount

Double/stacked mount
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