Gift art

Your childhood home, the pub where you had your first date, your wedding venue, your gran's house or just that building that you've always admired. Gifting a bespoke painting of a building can be the ultimate keepsake

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Provide photo references

Since I can't travel around the world to paint the building, I need as many reference photos as possible.

A couple of photographs of the house head-on on a sunny day are ideal, and any others of details such as front door, stained glass or plants always help.

Providing me with the address is always useful as I can use Google Maps to help me in case of need.

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Add / Remove details

Sometimes I take artistic license and chose to include certain details. Just let me know if you would like for me to remove the cables on the facade or add a bit more greenery or flowers onto the front hedge. It is mostly all doable!

Framing service

Should you choose to have your commissioned painted framed, I can offer a 30x40 black frame with white mount to make the painting really stand out.

Gift wrap

All my commissions are gift wrapped in my signature wrapping paper and include a matching greeting card for you to gift to someone

Lead times

If you would like to gift your commission for a special occasion, please let me know of your specific deadline.

Painting takes its time, so I normally give an average of 4-5 weeks leadtime to make sure that I have plenty of space to fulfill your order.

Once I take payment, I am able to provide you with a more accurate shipping date.

Please take these timings into consideration.