Art-itude at The Paxton

Art-itude at The Paxton

This weekend (24th until the 26th of June), I have been taking part in the Art-titude Exhibition at The Paxton in Gipsy Hill.

Myself and a group of other 14 fantastic South East London artists showcased our art for the world to see.

The Paxton at Gipsy Hill kindly opened their doors for us and donated their amazing secret garden for our display.

This has been my 2nd exhibition ever, so I had a little bit of experience from the first occasion and had a better idea on how to prepare.

I did plan my layout on photoshop using real dimensions so once I was in front of the panels, I would be able to just measure and create a mesh.

I used string to keep straight lines from the top and then mark the drilling points.

Frame set up

To hang, I used my trusted drill and some chunky screws to keep all the frames nice and secured.

Drilling the walls

Something else that I added to my display was a lot of QR code stickers. Each piece had a code that would direct you to my website and in particular, to the page where you can buy the original, prints or cards, in case you want to save it for late it and think about your purchase from home.


I also had available a little catalogue describing me and my work and more QR codes to be able to shop online.

I am finding these codes very handy for when you may run out of cards or someone would prefer to not take one. These codes can direct you straight to your Instagram, so the can follow you, or your email or anything that you may consider useful. 

The weekend was fun. The launch night was excellent, surrounded by friends, customers and colleagues. Throughout the days, I have had the opportunity to meet very interesting people and quite a few of my originals have now found new homes.

I really look forward to the next one.


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