Dulwich Open House 2023 at Kingswood Arts

Dulwich Open House 2023 at Kingswood Arts


Dulwich Artists' Open House is an event that takes place over two weekends every year during May, where all participant artists in the area, open their studios to showcase their work to the public.

Ever since I was aware of it, I admired the concept of it, and as soon as I became an artists, I saw it as an aspirational milestone in my career.

This year, I thought I should give it ago, but since I don't have a suitable space to display my work to the public, I decided to team up with an incredible group of local artists (and friends) and started working on it.

We were incredibly privileged to be given the opportunity to use Kingswood Arts, a recently refurbished new not-for-profit arts centre and cultural hub with a fascinating history. 


Hanging work from such high ceilings was rather challenging but working together to engineer a system was a great experience that we will definitely keep in our memories. 

We were also very lucky to be accompanied by Bennet Valuks, our local band based in West Norwood that delighted us with their alt-folk repertoire. 

Such a great experience that I would love to repeat next year!

Thank you to everyone that came to visit all of us!


Here is a list of all the artists' that were part of the event at Kingswood House

1. Aferdita Fazliu-Drozd: @aferdita_fazliu_drozd
2. Ana Gallego: @anagallegoillustrations
3. Anna Sudbina: @annasudbinastudio
4. Besnik Mehmed: @biko_bes
5. Corin Ashleigh-Brown: @corinashleighb
6. Dina Diniz: @mdinadiniz
7. Graeme Chisholm :@graemechisholm
8. Isobel McFarlane: @izzymcfarlane.design
9. Jonny Kemp: @jonny_kemp_art
10. Louise C Galizia: @louisecgalizia_art
11. Maria Rado: @mariaradoart
12. Rakel Wienberg: @rakberg
13. Sally Kelly: @sallykellylondon
14. Sarah Wienberg: @sarahwienberg
15. Tessa Newmark: @alittleperspective.co.uk

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