I have redone my market stall!

I have redone my market stall!

Markets are a great way for me to showcase my work around the city, but it is getting trickier to showcase my products within the 6ft trestle table that is provided at them.

6th is a very restrictive space for showcasing products and in particular, art. The light changes from venue to venue, sometimes the table is not the standard type, sometimes I am in the corner, others, in betwen two other stalls, sometimes I get to use the wall right behind me, and in other cases, I am outdoors (though covered by a gazebo).

So in essence, my market stall set up, needs to work really hard to showcase itself really well, but also to be practical in terms of assembly but also transport. I have only recently acquired a car, but until now, I have been going from market to market in public transport, and most of my gear had to fit in a big suitcase.

Since my collection has now surpassed the 165 locations, I tailor what I am displaying to the location where I am trading.

My first market of the year, was only a couple of weeks ago (early March), so I have had almost 2 entire months to obsessively rethink my stall display and make it even better and efficient.

This is still a work in progress, but I have started by simplifying me branding, so I asked another small business to custom make a wooden sign for me. 

I am still using my grid system to create a display structure, but I have now built what I call the building/tower (the name is a work in progress)

The tower allows me to display more vertically all my greeting cards, allowing me to create a bigger 'wall' to then display my prints in A5, which is the most efficient way, and also leaving enough space for the browsers.


I have also created some walls for the tower so that it looks like you are looking at a buildings of buildings (this is also a name work in progress).

The feedback has been great so far but I am still getting used to being efficient to set it up and take it down, but I guess I just need to practice more.

This is where I got to so far, but I really really hope you like it and that my work is more visible and comfortable to browse.

I will keep you update with the next improvements!

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